the Zephyr family trees

I have built visual representations of the rats and their relationships who have played a part in making the Zephyrs of today.
With these trees, it is possible to trace all ancestors backwards to my original foundation rats and the outcrosses I have used.

Note that the trees do not include all the litters I have bred, because occasionally I do not keep any kittens (e.g. from test matings), and sometimes I decide later on not to breed from the rats I've kept for one reason or another. The knock on effect of this can also be that entire branches of the tree come to an end, and then they are removed, so the rats remaining on the tree are only those whose descendants are playing an active part in my current lines.

Please select from:

Zephyr Family Tree 2004 - 2014

Zephyr American Family Tree 2015 onwards

Zephyr Havana Family Tree 2015 onwards

Zephyr Platinum/Quicksilver Family Tree 2015 onwards

Zephyr Silken Family Tree founded in 2016