Homing kittens from Zephyr :
If you are interested in reserving kittens from current or future litters, please contact me, Mary, at - my homing process is detailed here.
Please note that I currently have a long waiting list, and won't have any kittens available for new joiners before November at the earliest.

Breeding strategy :
click for an overview of my current breeding strategy and objectives.

Planned Litters :
I have further litters planned over the next few months. Click for more details.

Current litter(s) :


Nimbus Orlando of Zephyr
Zephyr Lola
(pale american cinnamon)

born : 04/06/18

A litter for the havana and american lines

Click for their pictures or their family tree final update 25/07/18

Past Litters :
I keep details and pictures of all past litters - click to see the archive,

or choose a visual representation of the Zephyr Family Tree:
Zephyr Family Tree 2004 - 2014
Zephyr American Family Tree 2015 onwards
Zephyr Havana Family Tree 2015 onwards
Zephyr Platinum Family Tree 2015 onwards
Zephyr Silvermane Family Tree