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rat communities
Facebook group: Rat Care UK

Public forum: Fancy Rats

National Fancy Rat Society

North of England Rat Society

Midlands Rat Club

Ratwise - a subscription community
sites offering advice on rat care including breeding, each club has information about shows and other club activities, plus a forum for members

other information sites
Hawthorn the Hawthorn website has a guide to the different varieties of rats, and the genetics involved
Isamu Rat Care Jemma's site includes advice on all aspects of rat care
Ratz a rat care site written by Estelle of Alpha Centauri
Why to not buy from a pet shop Estelle's article exposing conditions within the pet trade
Identifying a reputable breeder Zoe's article on assessing a breeder
The Dapper Rat this site has loads of great ideas for entertaining your rats

rescues/rehoming sites
(as rescues often don't have time to keep their sites fully up to date, I strongly suggest phoning or emailing to find out what rats are currently in need of homes)
Fancy Rats rehoming board section of the Fancy Rats forum where rats requiring new homes are listed
Wood Green Animal Shelters Godmanchester shelter often has rats
Facebook group: Rat Rescue Network UK personal ads for rats available, also permits wanted posts

a selection of other breeders' sites
Nimbus Rats Ipswich
Ellfin Rats Braintree
Figwit Rats Bedford
Halcyon Stud Lowestoft
Ionian Stud Hertford
Valiance Rats London
Symphony Reading
Milliways Stud Southampton
Gemstone Stud Willenhall
Isamu Stud Preston
Lovecraft Rats Lancaster
Mimble Rats County Durham
Renegade Rats Sheffield
Lilliput Stud Sheffield
Azuline Rattery Colwyn Bay
Hawthorn Stud Glasgow