about Zephyr

Registered stud logo: NFRS 2012-03 I breed several litters of fancy rats each year from my own established line which has a good history. I chose to identify them by using the prefix of 'Zephyr' in their names, and Zephyr became an official stud name in January 2012. I'm located in the south of Cambridgeshire, and am a member of the National Fancy Rat Society and the North of England Rat Society.

My prime objective is to improve my rats with each subsequent generation, and to breed healthy well tempered pets (some may also be suitable for showing). Any kittens that I don't keep myself will be available to new homes, subject to vetting by me or by an approved third party. Please contact me for an initial questionnaire if you wish to join my waiting list.

I breed for american mink and american cinnamon and other varieties which are based on the american mink gene: platinum and platinum agouti, quicksilver, havana and havana agouti. I will have other varieties too: black, agouti, pale british blue, british blue agouti, and chocolate. I am also developing some relatively new varieties: the silvermane coat, and dominant chocolate. I don't breed any rexes or marked rats, although I am hoping to introduce essex markings in occasional litters in the near future.

contact details

If you are interested in reserving any of my rats, or wish to make contact for any other reason, then please email me (Mary) at cyber_ratty@yahoo.co.uk
Follow me on twitter for the latest developments (but don't expect a daily diary!)
I also have a facebook page for Zephyr Rat Stud, as well as a private group for those who have owned Zephyrs (please contact me if you would like to join the group)

If you would like to consider offering a home to rescued rats (perhaps to introduce your Zephyr kittens to later on),
the nearest shelter to us is Wood Green in Godmanchester - click for details of their current rescue rats.
Alternatively, there is Rat Rescue Network UK on facebook, or a rehoming section on the Fancy Rats Forum which includes rats nationwide.

All content used on this site (e.g. photographs, images, text) is (c)2018 Zephyr Stud, unless otherwise stated. Please contact me if you would like to use any elsewhere.

latest update(s)/news

date : January 2019 page : litters details : since all my recent planned litters arrived normally, I think we are finally over whatever was causing the problems we've had for the past two years.
In the meantime, half of my waiting list went elsewhere, and most of the other half will be getting my current kittens in the next couple of weeks, so new joiners should have a shorter wait for kittens from my upcoming matings.
date : September 2018 page : litters details : after a difficult period over the summer, I'm hopeful there will be some litters arriving soon, although I have had to drop some of my plans.
date : May 2018 page : varieties details : pictures of silvermane kittens have been added to my varieties page
date : May 2018 page : litters details : there has been some improvement with litters, but still only a few of the planned ones have succeeded