details of does at Zephyr who potentially might be bred from in the future

Zephyr Rose of Cimarron

mated with Zephyr Kentucky Rain in Winter 2020, 11 kittens (chocolate american mink, havana, dilute buff), and with Zephyr McArthur Park in Summer 2020, 11 kittens
Zephyr Scary Spice
black silken, carrying american mink and dumbo

mated with Zephyr Morrissey in Summer 2020, 7 kittens (black, chocolate, pale chocolate, UK mink, american mink, american cinnamon, chocolate american cinnamon)
Zephyr Sheila
chocolate agouti essex, carrying american mink

Zephyr Mrs. Applebee
agouti, carrying self and american mink

mated with Zephyr Radar Love in Summer 2020, 7 kittens (black, agouti, american mink, american cinnamon)
Zephyr Pandora
american mink

Zephyr Maybelline
american cinnamon, carrying self and buff

Zephyr Mustang Sally
chocolate agouti, carrying self and american mink

Zephyr Lady Madonna
agouti, carrying self and american mink

Zephyr Kylie
dominant chocolate silken

Zephyr Gemini Moon
quicksilver, carrying dumbo

Zephyr Laura
american mink, carrying dumbo

Zephyr Pink
american mink silken

Zephyr Britney Spears
dominant chocolate american cinnamon silken dumbo, carrying self

Zephyr Malibu

Zephyr Mandalay

details of our does who have been bred from in the past can be found here