details of does at Zephyr who potentially might be bred from in the future

Zephyr Oh Lori
american mink, carrying british blue and dumbo

Zephyr Nina
american mink, carrying dumbo

Zephyr Black Cherry
black, carrying american mink and dumbo

Zephyr Jennifer Eckles (aka Freckles)
mottled silvermane

mated with Zephyr Mushroom in Summer 2019, 6 kittens (black and chocolate)
Zephyr Annie Lennox
agouti silvermane

mated with Nimbus Sunny in Summer 2019, 9 kittens (black, agouti, chocolate, chocolate agouti, topaz)
Halcyon Lady Marmalade
UK cinnamon

Zephyr Cassandra
chocolate american cinnamon, carrying self

mated with Zephyr Mr. Tambourine Man in Summer 2019, 13 kittens (havana and havana agouti)
Zephyr Cosmic Dawn

Zephyr Cold Ethyl

Zephyr Layla
american cinnamon

Zephyr Lucille
pale american cinnamon

Zephyr Kim Wilde
dominant chocolate agouti silvermane

Zephyr Debbie Harry (aka Blondie)
dominant chocolate agouti silvermane

Zephyr Rose of Cimarron

Zephyr Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
quicksilver agouti

details of our does who have been bred from in the past can be found here