details of does at Zephyr who potentially might be bred from in the future

Rivendell Secrets
chestnut irish (chestnut is a new variety which emerged from a mating with Mr. Bungle, my foundation silken buck, at Skatta Stud in 2016)

mated with Zephyr Hats Off To Larry in Autumn 2020, 11 kittens (agouti, chocolate agouti, dark chestnut)
and with Zephyr Filbert in Spring 2021, 10 kittens (silver fawn, bright mid and dark chestnut, chocolate agouti)
Meraki Jade
UK cinnamon

Zephyr Gemini Moon
quicksilver, carrying dumbo

Zephyr Laura
american mink, carrying dumbo

Zephyr Scarlet
black, carrying american mink and dumbo

mated with Zephyr Hats off to Larry, 9 kittens (american mink, american cinnamon, black, chocolate)
Zephyr Kayleigh
american cinnamon, carrying self

Zephyr Hazy Shade of Winter
chocolate based quicksilver

Zephyr Ice Ice Baby
chocolate based quicksilver agouti, carrying buff and self

mated with Zephyr Hucklebuck in Spring 2021, 9 kittens (chocolate american mink, chocolate american cinnamon, havana, havana agouti)
Zephyr Lady Jane
agouti, carrying self

Zephyr Pistachio
possibly dark chestnut, carrying american mink

Zephyr Kola
possibly dominant chocolate agouti, berkshire, carrying american mink

Zephyr Acorn
agouti, carrying american mink

Zephyr Adele
agouti silken, carrying american mink, self, and dumbo

Zephyr Taylor Swift
agouti silken, carrying american mink, self, and dumbo

details of our does who have been bred from in the past can be found here