March 2021: dam - Zephyr Ice Ice Baby (chocolate quicksilver agouti, carrying buff and/or the platinum modifier)
sire - Zephyr Hucklebuck (chocolate american mink)

litter 2021-ICE : A litter in the havana line and to test whether Ice is platinum based.
Expecting chocolate american mink and chocolate american cinnamon, possibly some blue based, also possibly havana, havana agouti, and some paler than standard. If there are no havanas then this will imply Ice (and therefore her brother Frosty) is a chocolate based platinum agouti.

details: 8th March - mated, kittens due 31st March
29th March - moved into the nursery cage having gained 65g
30th March - 11 kittens born a day early in the morning, sadly 2 didn't survive
6th April - shades are now appearing, and it seems there is havana in the litter, so Ice is carrying buff and is therefore unlikely to be platinum based
buck 1 - havana (with merle spot)
bucks 2,3 - chocolate american mink
buck 4 - chocolate american cinnamon

doe 1 - havana
doe 2 - chocolate american mink
doe 3 - havana agouti
does 4,5 - chocolate american cinnamon
Click here for the family tree.

29/03/21: moving into the maternity cage

30/03/21: a few hours old

31/03/21: one day old

02/04/21: three days old

04/04/21: 5 days old

the bucks:
the does:

06/04/21: 7 days old

08/04/21: 9 days old

the bucks:
the does:
lined up by colour - 3 choc minks, 2 havanas, 1 havana agouti, 3 choc cinnamons:

11/04/21: 12 days old, the litter palette: chocolate american mink, havana, havana agouti, chocolate american cinnamon

14/04/21: 15 days old, eyes are opening