March 2021: dam - Rivendell Secrets (chestnut berkshire)
sire - Zephyr Filbert (dark chestnut)

litter 2021-SEC2 : A test litter to widen the knowledge of chestnut.
Expecting chestnut, dark chestnut, possibly other varieties, some berkshire.

details: 1st March - mated, kittens due 24th March
21st March - moved into the nursery cage having gained 80g
24th March - 10 kittens born in the morning
27th March - there are several different shades appearing, I think the 5 bucks couldd all be different from each other!
2nd April - it seems likely that Filbert is a chocolate agouti rather than a dark chestnut
11th April - now that their coats are fully through, I have reassessed their colours and decided that the chestnuts (which have now darkened) are actually dark chestnut, and the bright chestnut will be chestnut (the same as Secrets)
buck 1 - silver fawn, possibly chocolate and or chestnut based
buck 2 - dark chestnut berkshire
buck 3 - dilute chocolate agouti berkshire
buck 4 - chocolate agouti, berkshire
buck 5 - chocolate agouti, irish

doe 1 - chestnut
does 2,3 - dark chestnut
doe 4 - bright dilute chocolate agouti
doe 5 - dilute chocolate agouti, irish
Click here for the family tree.

21/03/21: moving into the maternity cage

24/03/21: a few hours old

25/03/21: one day old

the bucks:
the does:

26/03/21: two days old

27/03/21: three days old

28/03/21: 4 days old - there currently appears to be 4 shades

grouped by shade:
the bucks:
the does:

30/03/21: 6 days old

31/03/21: 7 days old

02/04/21: 9 days old, the litter palette: chocolate agouti, dilute chocolate agouti or dark chestnut, chestnut, silver fawn based chestnut, silver fawn

the lighter kittens:
the darker kittens:
the bucks:
the does:

06/04/21: 13 days old

an extended litter palette, now including doe 4:

08/04/21: 15 days old

11/04/21: 18 days old

the chestnut palette:

the chocolate agouti palette:

15/04/21: 22 days old, enjoying some free range playtime