October 2020: dam - Zephyr Lady Madonna (agouti)
sire - Zephyr King Creole (black)

litter 2020-MAD : A litter for the american line.
Expecting black, agouti, american mink, and american cinnamon, possibly some dumbo.

details: 19th September - mated, kittens due 12th October
10th October - moved into the nursery cage having gained 50g
12th October - 11 kittens born in the morning, all top eared
15th October - there appear to be two shades of dark eyed kittens, it will be interesting to see what they turn out to be as there is a slim chance of UK mink and UK cinnamon
17th October - the second shade is most probably chocolate, it's not UK mink
19th october - looks like the lighter kittens are not chocolate, so they will just be carrying buff
bucks 1,2 - black
bucks 3, 4, 5 - agouti

doe 1 - pale american cinnamon
doe 2 - american cinnamon
doe 3 - black
does 4, 5, 6 - agouti
Click here for the family tree.

10/10/20: moving into the maternity cage

12/10/20: a few hours old

14/10/20: two days old

the bucks:
the does:

15/10/20: three days old

17/10/20: 5 days old

19/10/20: 7 days old

the bucks:
the does:

20/10/20: 8 days old

the black kittens:
the american cinnamon kittens:
the agouti bucks:
the agouti does: