February 2019: dam - Meraki Trouble (UK cinnamon)
sire - Zephyr Blue Monday (british blue)

litter 2019-TRO : A test litter to see whether Monday is carrying UK mink which would make him unsuitable for the Zephyr platinum line.
Expecting black and agouti, possibly also UK mink and UK cinnamon.
details: 19th January - mated, kittens due 11th February
9th February - moved into the nursery cage, having gained about 75g
11th February - 10 kittens born in the morning
15th February - thankfully there are no UK mink based kittens in this litter
buck 1 - black
buck 2 - agouti

does 1-5 - black
does 6-8 - agouti
Click here for the family tree.

09/02/19: 21 days pregnant

11/02/19: a few hours old

13/02/19: two days old

15/02/19: 4 days old

17/02/19: 6 days old

With this being a test mating, I will not be keeping any kittens from this litter because they will be carrying UK mink which I do not want in my lines.