December 2018: dam - Zephyr Christine (american mink)
sire - Zephyr Orinoco Flow (havana agouti dumbo)

litter 2018-CHN : A litter for the havana line.
Expecting american mink and american cinnamon, some paler than standard, and chocolate american mink, chocolate american cinnamon, havana, and havana agouti.

details: 8th December - mated, kittens due 31st December
28th December - moved into the nursery cage, having gained 85g
31st December - 9 kittens born in the morning
7th January - seems that the litter includes some buff and topaz based varieties, meaning Christine is actually a pale american mink, even though she really doesn't look it!
buck 1 - dilute buff
buck 2 - dilute topaz
buck 3 - probably havana
buck 4 - probably pale american cinnamon dumbo
buck 5 - probably american cinnamon

doe 1 - dilute buff dumbo
doe 2 - probably havana
doe 3 - probably chocolate american cinnamon dumbo
doe 4 - probably american cinnamon
Click here for the family tree.

28/12/18: 20 days pregnant, exploring the maternity cage

31/12/18: a few hours old

01/01/19: one day old, bucks on the left, does on the right

03/01/19: 3 days old

05/01/19: 5 days old

07/01/19: 7 days old

the bucks:
the does:

09/01/19: 9 days old, the litter palette: havana, dilute buff, dilute topaz, pale american cinnamon, american cinnamon

... in daylight:
... under the flash:

13/01/19: 13 days old

15/01/19: 15 days old