November 2018: dam - Zephyr Macy Gray (black, not owned by Zephyr)
sire - Zephyr Spaceboy (platinum)

litter Nimbus-Macy : A litter in the platinum line, raised by Nimbus Rats.
Expecting black, pale british blue, american mink, quicksilver, and platinum, possibly some chocolate based.

details: 31st October - mated, kittens due 23rd November
21st November - moved into the nursery cage, having gained a whopping 165g
22nd November - 17 kittens born in the evening
29th November - all 17 are doing really well
4 pale eyed bucks
3 mid eyed bucks
2 dark eyed bucks

4 pale eyed does
2 mid eyed does
2 dark eyed does
Click here for the family tree. Note that since this litter is being raised by Nimbus Rats, they will be given the prefix 'Nimbus', and I will add pictures as and when available. Really grateful to Marie for helping me out in this way, she certainly has her hands more full than we expected!
These kittens will be allocated to my waiting list

20/11/18: Macy at 20 days pregnant

22/11/18: a few hours old

23/11/18: one day old

26/11/18: 4 days old, all doing well, Macy is being a great mum

29/11/18: 7 days old, coat shades are emerging

30/11/18: 8 days old

the bucks:
the does:

02/12/18: 10 days old