November 2018: dam - Zephyr Kate Bush (chocolate agouti silvermane)
sire - Zephyr Mushroom (black silvermane, not owned by Zephyr)

litter 2018-KAT : A litter for the silvermane line.
Expecting black, agouti, chocolate, chocolate agouti, american mink, american cinnamon, chocolate american mink, and chocolate american cinnamon, in silvermane and standard coats, possibly some dumbo.

details: 31st October - mated, kittens due 23rd November
22nd November - moved into the nursery cage, having gained 60g
22nd November - discovered one baby born at teatime, but Kate was bouncing around and clearly not in active labour, and since she was being ignored, I moved the kitten in with Jesamine overnight
23rd November - 5 more kittens born early in the morning, so I returned Kate's firstborn to her
29th November - first stab at colours, but not certain on which are silvermane yet
2nd December - doe 2's odd mottling is becoming clearer, it's possible that she is a chimera or has a somatic mutation, but just in case she's not, she will be staying here for test mating to find out if her pattern is reproducable
buck 1 - chocolate or american mink silvermane
buck 2 - agouti silvermane

doe 1 - chocolate agouti or american cinnamon
doe 2 - chocolate or american mink with cream mottling
doe 3 - black or dark chocolate dumbo silvermane
doe 4 - agouti
Click here for the family tree.

22/11/18: 22 days pregnant, exploring the maternity cage

23/11/18: a few hours old, the first born is the one with a blue back because I used a sharpie pen to identify her when in Jesamine's nest

24/11/18: one day old

26/11/18: three days old

27/11/18: 4 days old

29/11/18: 6 days old

02/12/18: 9 days old, now that their coats are almost fully through, the mottled doe is very noticeable

03/12/18: 10 days old, the litter palette: agouti, chocolate agouti or american cinnamon, chocolate or american mink, black or dark chocolate

... in daylight:
... under the flash:
the mottled kitten:

04/12/18: 11 days old

07/12/18: 14 days old, individual pictures, although eyes are not fully open yet

buck 1:

buck 2:

doe 1:

doe 2:

doe 3:

doe 4: