November 2018: dam - Zephyr Jesamine (black)
sire - Zephyr Billie Joe (american mink dumbo)

litter 2018-JSA : A litter for the american line.
Expecting black and american mink, some dumbo.

details: 28th October - mated, kittens due 20th November
18th November - moved into the nursery cage, having gained 110g
20th November - 12 (now 13) kittens born first thing in the morning, and immediately joined by Savannah's surviving boy
22nd November - discovered a bonus baby in the nest, which explains why one appeared to change sex on the second day!
2 american mink dumbo bucks
2 american mink top eared bucks
1 black dumbo buck
1 black top eared buck

1 american mink dumbo doe (with merle spot)
1 american mink top eared doe
1 black dumbo doe
4 black top eared does
Click here for the family tree.

18/11/18: 21 days pregnant, exploring the maternity cage

20/11/18: a few hours old

21/11/18: one day old

22/11/18: two days old, all 13 this time

24/11/18: 4 days old

26/11/18: 6 days old

the bucks:
the does:

27/11/18: 7 days old

the mink kittens:
the black kittens:

29/11/18: 9 days old, the litter palette: black and american mink

... in daylight:
... under the flash:

02/12/18: 12 days old

the bucks:
the does:

04/12/18: 14 days old

07/12/18: 17 days old

the mink bucks:
the black bucks:

the mink does:

the black does: