November 2018: dam - Zephyr Blue Savannah (pale british blue)
sire - Zephyr Chuck Berry (platinum agouti dumbo, not owned by Zephyr)

litter 2018-SAV : A mating for the platinum line.
Expecting pale british blue, british blue agouti, quicksilver, quicksilver agouti, platinum, and platinum agouti, some dumbo.

Savannah (R. I. P.)
details: 21st October - mated, kittens due 13th November
11th November - moved into the nursery cage, having gained 85g
13th November - Savannah experienced inertia instead of birthing properly, she went through an emergency caesarean section, but tragically she died an hour later from shock. There were 9 kittens, the wonderful vet staff and I eventually managed to get 6 of them breathing, and they were given to Cilla to foster.
14th November - 3 babies sadly died overnight, and another 2 lost their fight in the morning, but thankfully one little boy is still with us and has a good milk band.
20th November - Cilla's pair of girls are enormous and will soon be on the move, so rather than risk him being lost in the nest, Savannah's son has moved in with Jesamine's newborn litter, meaning he should also now receive some colostrum.
a platinum buck
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11/11/18: 21 days pregnant, exploring the maternity cage

14/11/18: one day old, with his 3 days older foster sisters

15/11/18: two days old

16/11/18: three days old

17/11/18: 4 days old

19/11/18: 6 days old

20/11/18: 7 days old, with his new one week younger foster siblings

21/11/18: 8 days old

24/11/18: 11 days old

26/11/18: 13 days old

27/11/18: 14 days old, a glint of an eye is visible today

29/11/18: 16 days old

02/12/18: 19 days old

04/12/18: 21 days old

07/12/18: 24 days old

This chap is definitely staying with me!