November 2018: dam - Zephyr Cilla Black (dominant chocolate silvermane)
sire - Zephyr Paul McCartney (probably UK chocolate american cinnamon silvermane)

litter 2018-CIL2 : A repeat of this pairing for the silvermane line.
Expecting black and agouti, chocolate and chocolate agouti (possibly both types, maybe some double chocolate), american mink and cinnamon, chocolate american mink and cinnamon of various sorts, some silvermane, some dumbo.

details: 18th October - mated (after several failed matings over the course of the summer), kittens due 10th November
9th November - moved into the nursery cage, having gained 45g
10th November - 2 kittens born at lunchtime
13th November - Cilla is now fostering Savannah's orphaned kittens
14th November - just one of Savannah's kittens has survived
20th November - Cilla's girls are dwarfing Savannah's boy and he risks getting lost in the nest once they are on the move, so he has been switched to Jesamine's nest
doe 1 - american mink dumbo, probably silvermane but not showing yet (tail marked black)
doe 2 - american mink dumbo
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09/11/18: 22 days pregnant, exploring the maternity cage

11/11/18: one day old

12/11/18: two days old

14/11/18: 4 days old - pictured with their 1 day old foster sibling

15/11/18: 5 days old

17/11/18: 7 days old

19/11/18: 9 days old, the litter palette: american mink! daylight:
...under the flash:

21/11/18: 11 days old

24/11/18: 14 days old, getting more and more overweight

28/11/18: 18 days old, now mobile, so hopefully they will get a little fitter

02/12/18: 22 days old, individual pictures

doe 1:

doe 2: