September 2018: dam - Zephyr Cher (chocolate silvermane)
sire - Zephyr You're So Very Special, aka Yorke (pale dominant chocolate silvermane, not owned by Zephyr)

litter 2018-CHE : A litter in the silvermane line for chocolate silvermane.
Note that I can't be certain what sort of chocolate Cher is, so the resulting chocolates will also have a degree of uncertainty about what they are genetically.
Expecting black, and various chocolates, possibly american mink and chocolate american mink, in silvermane and standard coat, some paler than others, possibly some dumbo.
details: 1st September - mated, kittens due 24th September
23rd September - moved into the nursery cage, having gained a huge 145g
24th September - 12 kittens born early morning, all top eared
25th September - sadly one kitten was lost overnight
3rd October - best guesses at colours, and at coats by looking at noses and whiskers
14th October - having doubts about which the american mink based kittens are now that eyes are fully opened
buck 1 - american mink, or 'milk' (double?) chocolate silvermane
bucks 2, 3 - pale chocolate silvermane
buck 4 - the smallest, either pale american mink, or chocolate american mink, or 'milk' (double?) chocolate (possibly silvermane but not visible yet)
buck 5 - dark chocolate

doe 1 - a havana of some sort, silvermane
doe 2 - pale american mink, or chocolate american mink, or 'milk' (double?) chocolate
doe 3 - american mink, or pale chocolate
does 4, 5, 6 - darkest chocolate
Click here for the family tree.
Note that due to this still being a relatively new line, there is a degree of unpredictability in how these kittens will turn out with respect to long term temperament and health.

23/09/18: 22 days pregnant

24/09/18: a few hours old

25/09/18: one day old

26/09/18: two days old

28/09/18: 4 days old

the bucks:
the does:

01/10/18: 7 days old

03/10/18: 9 days old

04/10/18: 10 days old, the litter palette: dark chocolate, pale chocolate, pale chocolate silvermane, american mink, pale american mink silvermane, havana silvermane

in daylight:
under the flash:

06/10/18: 12 days old, a couple of hints at eyes

the bucks:
the does:

08/10/18: 14 days old, eyes are now open

the visibly silvermane kittens:

the middle shade chocolates and the mink:

the dark chocolate does:

10/10/18: 16 days old, first free range toddle with mum

13/10/18: 19 days old, individual pictures

the bucks:





the does:






15/10/18: 21 days old

I suspect I will keep bucks 1 and 2, and does 1 and 2 from this litter, but may make changes once I see how their silvering looks at 7 weeks after their kitten moult, and whether any could pass for havana.