June 2018: dam - Zephyr Lola (pale american cinnamon)
sire - Nimbus Orlando of Zephyr (havana)

litter 2018-LLA2 : A litter for the havana and american lines.
Expecting american mink and cinnamon, chocolate american mink and cinnamon, pale american mink and cinnamon, havana and havana agouti, dilute buff and topaz, possibly some dumbo.

details: 12th May - mated, kittens due 4th June
1st June - moved into the nursery cage (a day early as she was huge and didn't want to share with her companions), having gained about 120g
4th June - 16 kittens born overnight, 15 survivors
6th June - sadly two more kittens have been lost
10th June - another two kittens lost
12th June - 3 of the kittens are smaller than the others, probably getting less milk, but hopefully they will hang in there until they are able to eat solids and catch up
16th June - unfortunately 2 of the smallest kittens have died, and I'm not sure whether the 3rd will be with us for much longer
best guesses so far:

1 dilute buff buck
1 havana buck
1 chocolate cinnamon buck
2 cinnamon bucks

1 dilute topaz doe
1 mink doe
2 pale cinnamon does (1 very small)
Click here for the family tree.
Note that these kittens will be allocated to my current waiting list.

01/06/18: moving into the mary cage at 20 days

04/06/18: a few hours old

06/06/18: two days old

10/06/18: 6 days old

the bucks:
the does:

12/06/18: 8 days old

14/06/18: 10 days old, the litter palette: dilute buff, havana or pale american mink, american mink, american cinnamon, pale american cinnamon or chocolate american cinnamon, dilute topaz

... in daylight:
... under the flash:
the bucks:
the does:

14/06/18: 12 days old - I haven't included pictures of the smallest kitten this time, in case she doesn't survive

the mink shades:
the dilute topaz and buff:
the cinnamon shades: