April 2018: dam - Zephyr Cilla Black (dominant chocolate silvermane)
sire - Zephyr Paul McCartney (probably UK chocolate american cinnamon silvermane)

litter 2018-CIL : A litter in the silvermane line.
Expecting black and agouti, chocolate and chocolate agouti (possibly both types, maybe some double chocolate), american mink and cinnamon, chocolate american mink and cinnamon of various sorts, some silvermane, possibly some dumbo.

details: 21st March - mated, kittens due 13th April
11th April - moved into the nursery cage, having gained about 100g
13th April - 10 kittens born in the morning
22nd April - coats and colours are appearing, but I'll need to compare with Pam's kittens (black, UK chocolate, and american mink) before settling on what these probably are
buck 1 - chocolate american cinnamon silvermane dumbo
buck 2 - chocolate american cinnamon silvermane
buck 3 - american mink silvermane with merle spot
buck 4 - black or chocolate silvermane

doe 1 - american mink dumbo
doe 2 - pale chocolate agouti silvermanedark eyed, paler coat (perhaps a double chocolate agouti)
doe 3 - chocolate agouti silvermane
doe 4 - chocolate silvermane dumbo
doe 5 - chocolate silvermane
doe 6 - black or chocolate
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Note that these kittens will be allocated to my existing waiting list.

12/04/18: 22 days pregnant, exploring the maternity cage

13/04/18: a few hours old

15/04/18: two days old

17/04/18: 4 days old

the bucks:
the does:

19/04/18: 6 days old

21/04/18: 8 days old

22/04/18: 9 days old, the litter palette (best guesses!): black (? looks chocolatey), chocolate (maybe a second sort), american mink, american cinnamon (possibly chocolate based), paler chocolate agouti(?), darker chocolate agouti(?)

... in daylight
... under the flash

23/04/18: 10 days old

the bucks:

the does: