main tree (1st set of generations) - descendents of Guillaume Pontis (b.1677)

Note: I have laid out the trees to be read left to right, with the children's entries (if any) being to the immediate right of the parent's.
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William c1720 -
occupation: builder

C 31
John Puntis c1765 -

D 32
Joseph Edward Pontis c1770 -
(Joseph's tree not yet ready)

D 33
John 1740 -
born in: Christchurch
married to: Joanna Could ( - )
on: 31 May 1762

Henry 09Nov1764 -
born in: Ringwood
married to: Mary Mist ( - )
on: 09Apr1793 in: Ringwood
2nd marriage to: Elizabeth Ann Apsey (c1760 - )
on: 26Dec1798 in: Portsea
note: Ann was related to Oliver Cromwell's General
occupation: builder and baptist minister
note: Probably mistakenly thought to be William's son, and given wrong year of birth of 1760 in Kate's booklet. He lived with his uncle, William, and his eldest son became a pastor in Norwich

D 31
James c1810 - 1850
died in: Norwich
lived in: Norwich
occupation: Pastor

E 1
Felix Carey c1811 - 1853
(known as: )
married to: Jane Lewis Botten (1817 - 1904)
lived in: Portsea
note: Jane worked as a school mistress
Felix's tree

E 2
Josiah Henry 12Jul1813 - Sep 1897
born in: Portsea
died in: Portsea
married: to Mary Newnham (1813 - c1881)
on: 31Mar1833 in: Alverstoke
see marriage entry
occupation:builder and decorator, then a baptist minister.
Mary's occupation: lodgings housekeeper
note: A book of poems by a J Puntis was published in 1878, and I believe Josiah to be the author. He also wrote a poem for his grandaughter Susan in 1894 (I'm not sure yet who she was)
read Susan's poem
Josiah's tree

E 3
Henry -
note: possibly married Sarah Crockwell in 1831 Portsea, and died 1841
see marriage entry

E 4
Sarah c1818 -
born in: Portsea
married to: William Dymott (c1815- )
occupation: William: Portsea Innkeeper

E 5
Joseph -
born in: Christchurch

1E 1
John -
married to: Mary ( - )

1E 2
Elizabeth -
married to: James Bramble ( - )
on: 22 May 1820 Portsea

1F 21
John 1800 -
born in: Poole
married to: Mary Mackie (c1795 - 1873)
on: 14 May 1829 in: Portsea
lived in: Portsea
occupation: Taylor Journeyman
note: christened 7 Feb
John's tree

1F 22
Edward c1801 - Mar 1873
born in: Poole
died in: Portsea
married to: Elizabeth E Ford(c1807 - Mar 1881)
lived in: Portsea
occupation: Outfitter Taylor
Edward's tree

1F 23
Mary 1781 -
note: christened 15 July

1E 3

separate trees which have not yet been tied into the main tree:

tree headed by Walter Puntis (b.1849)

tree headed by Matilda Puntis (b.1856)

tree headed by Jane Puntis (widow, b.1836)

tree headed by William Puntis (b.early 1600s)