sources used in gathering the information on this site

The original basis is the booklet drawn up by Kate Pontis in 1955, chronicling the main Pontis family tree together with the Puntis branch. I owe her a huge debt, as without such a substantial tree to start from, I doubt that I would have been inspired, or able, to collate the additional information.
(A copy of Kate's booklet is in the 'documents' section.)

My first attempt to expand on Kate's work was via the telephone directory entries for Puntis' in the early 1980s. I can now publicly thank those who responded in giving me new leads, and help in tying them to the main tree where possible.

The recent national interest in genealogy, has meant that I can access census data and other official records from a number of websites. This is the area where most of my current research is taking place.

I have also been able to use search engines to locate references to Puntis family members across the world, and have been able to make contact with several people who I'm hoping will be able to help. Kylie (Lily Collings' great grandaughter) has done extensive research, and I've been able to extend the tree significantly thanks to her.

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