about this site

The aim of this site is to make available to members of the Puntis family the information that I have accumulated about the family tree, and its members.
However, due to the very public nature of internet sites, I shall limit how much information is included on living people.

It is being created by Mary Giles (maiden name Puntis), and is still under construction, so please bear with me regarding the many gaps! I have tried to correlate the information and where there has been sufficient evidence, I have deduced the identity of some people, however it's entirely possible that I may have got some of this wrong - I will be adding my 'raw data' to the site soon to show how I have come to my conclusions.

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my contact details

I am keen to make this site as comprehensive as possible, but don't wish to upset any family members, so please contact me if you have any comments to make - suggestions, objections, further information about the family or individuals, corrections if I've got anything wrong, etc.
Send an email to me by clicking here.

recent updates

date : 23/05/05 details : documents page now available, linking to various scans
date : 16/05/05 details : major overhaul of the trees
date : 23/04/05 details : the main trees are in place, with as much information crammed on as possible!
date : 14/04/05 details : initial version of the site, just a basic skeleton